Hi Everyone

I have started having messages and mails from players regarding 1.13 and Flowerdale. The staff team has had some thoughts and discussions. Well, this weekend Dkhawser and I have had many conversations and discussions between us and we have decided how we will be proceeding with the server and Flowerdale's future.

First off, I want to say that anything can still happen. Nothing said here is fully written in stone, as 1.13 hasn't come out yet and we need to see what happens and what all the changes actually entail.

I know some players are very concerned about their builds and homes etc. Please, don't worry. This isn't a time for full-on panic mode. The release date for 1.13 has not been announced yet - we have been told Q2 - which could be anytime from April - June -ish. Often these release dates are speculated and often can go longer than projected. Currently, there are still a lot of bugs to be squashed so it won't be out tomorrow. Even still, once the pre-release comes out, it is usually a little bit for a more stable version to come, then after that, give a little bit for plugins to catch up and update.

Ok, so what about Flowerdale's Future?

Well, we are going to remain a bungee server. We have currently made some changes to the Survival world, and we will be making some more soon (adding/removing plugins). After that, we probably won't make many more updates until after 1.13 comes out.

With the mention of the word reset, people panic. We have decided that our least busy servers are definitely the Creative, following with Skyblock and Vanilla-ish. The Creative server will for sure be closing down. These three servers are barely played on. (please see new polls in announcement section that were created in the forum & reply/vote) We have decided to use the resources that are currently used on these servers to go towards a new server for 1.13 - a Towny one.

At some point, we will also be introducing a new hub. Our overall server theme is still what it is, The Kingdom of Flowerdale, with an emphasis on Medieval-ish type, builds for the server. (That doesn't mean everyone - anyone can have a modern or futuristic town or base of your own if you like!)

The new Towny server will be 1.13 and will have the following worlds:
  • a town world
  • a wild world with grief prevention
  • a full quest world
  • resetting resource worlds (mining, nether, and end)

We apologize to players that enjoy our Vanilla, Creative and Skyblock servers and hop on them from time to time. We just aren't a big enough community with resources to be able to host a multitude of servers. We also are taking into consideration the allocation of resources, RAM and we want to be able to offer a pleasant experience for everyone. With that said, we are currently monitoring the tps and lag issues, it seems it's mostly stemming from Slime Fun, so we might have to cut back a wee bit on the gigantic slimefun factories haha. (Just some slight tweaks and restrictions might be necessary)

The current Survival world with bases and towns will remain and will remain 1.12. We originally had discussions about removing it and resetting it, but after feedback from some players and through more in-depth discussions between dk & I, we decided we will offer both.

So, Slimefun will stay as is on the survival server as long as the plugin continues to be updated. This server will become our OP Survival server with more new fun things coming.

We have quite a few plans and ideas for our new upcoming Towny/Quest server! (these will be posted more in due time)

Keep in mind, we will adapt our plans accordingly to how the release of 1.13 comes out. This discussion and plan is subject to change depending on Mojang and what all happens with 1.13 and our current plugins.

In the meantime, our donation shop will change accordingly to all these, along with some changes that will be coming soon to the current Survival Server as follows:

  • New simplified tutorial area & area for new players to spawn into
  • New server shop - will be a GUI instead of a big sign shop as it is now
  • New rewards system
  • New upcoming ranks with the ability to rank up in game after completing some tasks - we hope this will work accordingly, this is a big update for us to do and will require some downtime. Please note: Donators will keep their donator rank - the new ranks will not affect current players, it's more for new players (new ranks will be added below and in between ranks that are currently there) Current players will actually benefit and get some extra perms for a couple new things :) - yay!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know. Post here in the forum - > Server Suggestions

There is a place in discord for suggestions too - please make sure to @ChitterChatter_ so I am flagged. I try to make sure to stay updated, but sometimes I get lost in the chatter.

Notifying me in discord through private message or in any channel with @ is the best way to get a hold of me :)

Please feel free to comment/share ideas