Hi everyone. I want to remind everyone about the /rules on EACH server.

Duping items and exploiting any bugs or glitches on ANY server is NOT ok. EVER.

If you are found or suspected of duping items and using glitches and bugs for your own benefits and gains you will be punished accordingly. This could mean us taking your duped items and resetting your money balances.

Players that intentionally neglect our rules will be banned from all servers.

We will be adjusting some prices on the servers as we see fit. If you have any suggestions for the betterment of the economies (not your personal benefits or balances) please do speak to dkhawser or myself.

We have rules instated to keep the servers fair and fun.

We are glad that you as players enjoy playing on our servers and have made this your home. We love our community and love having you here. We hope that you will help us combat any cheating and exploiting and let us know of any players that are purposely endangering the economies and using glitches and exploits for personal gain.

This also includes any staff. I want to remind everyone about the confidential report a player or staff player link that is up on the top menu.

We plan to keep our servers around for a long time and we want things as enjoyable and fair as possible. We need everyone to help with that.