Hi all,

I thought I would do a little post about our ranks system.

Flowerdale's ranks are pretty simple and straight forward.

Dkhawser and myself didn't make this server for people to have lots of rank ups or have a rank system that involves many different ranks and permissions, and certainly many costs.

We understand many folks enjoy a competitive and long endured ranking system, and we did take that into consideration, however, we feel that instead of grinding rank titles, we hope that people would focus more on their game play and interaction within the community itself.

Our intention for this server is to create a fun community that is EULA compliant and is fair for all. We have played servers where top ranks are hundreds of real life dollars. We honestly don't feel people should have to spend so much real life money to enjoy a game - especially children, young families, students and those trying to get a start in life. Sure, that might mean less donations and help for us - more donations will help us with expansions; however, we feel our loyal players that want to help support us will still be able to do if they so wish.

We have several plugins that can be competitive and have rankings, the Jobs, McMMo, and Advanced Achievements - not to forget the economy and /baltop.

Our ranks are as follows:

Wanderer - starting rank. can set 5 homes. Includes perms such as /recipe, /workbench, /enderchest, /back and /jump.

Citizen - Donation Rank - can set 10 homes. Includes perms such as /hat, /chat color, /nick and /me.

NobleNoble - This is a past staff - Includes all of the perms from the ranks above, but also has /fly and creative game mode.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to contact any staff member - you can send us a message here on Enjin, or in game using /mail send (staff name).

We hope you enjoy your time here with us!

ChitterChatter_ :)